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Turkish citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through Motaman real estate

With the help of God Almighty, the Turkish Motaman Company was able to be a reason for granting Turkish citizenship to many of the honorable members of the four owners’ associations.

  • Obtaining the official title deed of the property in the name of the union member wishing to obtain citizenship.
  • Obtaining the official appraisal certificate (evaluation) from the company approved by the Turkish government.
  • Follow up on the issuance of the bank report indicating the payment of the value.
  • Matching the value stated in the deed with the value mentioned in the evaluation certificate with the value stated in the bank report with the sum of transfers and payments.
  • Nominating the company’s legal advisor to carry out follow-up actions until citizenship is obtained within approximately three months.
  • Follow-up of the benefit of the member from the real estate of either the rental or resale after the legal period.
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Resale the property upon request

As is well known, increasing the capital will play a big role in your profitable investment. This will be addition if you decide to rent your apartment before reselling it. In the event that you want to sell your apartment at any stage of building the project before its completion, we will assist you in this regard. And also we will market your real estate through our networks, and in many well-known sites in the real estate sector in Turkey.

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