Dr. Ahmed Matar

About me

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the International Union of Real Estate ICREA, representative of the Arab countries and President of the Arab Union of Real Estate AURD


  • President of the Turkish Motaman Company, MOTAMAN ŞİRKETİ.

  • And the founder of the Turkish Businessmen Association MUSIAD since 1996.

  • Chairman of the Arab Center for Economic Studies 2011.

  •  Chairman of the Turkish Motaman Association for Economic Planning

  • Chairman of the Egyptian Emaar Company 1988.

  • Participated in the development of 3000 housing units Owned and implemented the following projects:

    ** Carthage Tourist Village 653 villas and chalets

    ** Muharram Pasha Neighborhood: 1800 housing units.

    ** Construction of four real estate projects in Istanbul, Motaman 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  • INTERBUILD 1993 Annual Exhibition and International Conference.

  • Medical equipment development project for medical facilities 1986-1996 in partnership with Egyptian banks.
  • Small Industries Development Project for Engineers 1991.
  • ** Egyptian Export Promotion Project to Libya 1990-1992 in partnership with Bank Al-Muhandis.

  • Project for financing the purchases of workers in the government and the public sector in conjunction with the Central Bank of Egypt 2003 (1.4 billion).

  • Project for developing spinning and weaving factories in partnership with the Federation of Egyptian Industries 2004.

  • Leather Industries Development Project in association with the Federation of Industries 2005.
  • Investment map drawing project for the Turkish state 2019.

  • The project to solve the Turkish lira crisis was presented to President Erdogan August 18, 2018.

  •  He combined medicine study at the University of Alexandria, politics and economics at Cairo University as he studied management and planning.

  •  He was elected a member of the Medical Council of Alexandria 1986 to 1994.

  • The Secretariat of the Health Planning Committee of the General Union of Physicians 1988 undertook a project to raise the health budget to the 1989 People’s Assembly.

  •  He was chosen as a member of the Advisory Council of Sporting Club 1989.

  •  He was elected Secretary-General of the International Federation of Medical Organizations 1994.

  •  Founded the Arab Federation of Exhibitions and International Conferences AUIEC 1995.

  • He was elected a member of the board of directors of the International Business Forum IBF in Istanbul 1996.

  •  I was elected Secretary General of the Arab African Business Association 1999.

  •  I was elected vice president of the Arab Association for Arts, Culture and Information 1999.

  •  Elected a representative of Egypt at the International Federation of Exhibitions UFI in Paris 2002.

  •  Elected as a rapporteur of the Trade Committee of the Council of Arab Economic Unity 2003.

  •  2009 Elected a representative of the Arab countries in the International Federation of Real Estate FIABCI.

  •  He established the mechanism of the Arab partnership in the Council of Economic Unity in the League of Arab States 2011.

  • He participated in 86 international conferences in 26 countries as president of the conference or a keynote speaker of his books:
    ** Book «Opportunities available in the global financial crisis» ​​2009.
    ** «Secrets of the success of the Turkish experience» 2010.
    ** Development diplomacy 2005.
    ** Companies between Sharia and Law 2017.
    ** Divan of Poetry: «Playing Rain».

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