Obtaining Turkish citizenship through Motaman real estate

With the help of God Almighty, the Turkish Motaman Company was able to be a reason for granting Turkish citizenship to many of the honorable members of the four owners' associations.

  • Obtaining the official title deed of the property in the name of the union member wishing to obtain citizenship.
  • Obtaining the official appraisal certificate (evaluation) from the company approved by the Turkish government.
  • Follow up on the issuance of the bank report indicating the payment of the value.
  • Matching the value stated in the deed with the value mentioned in the evaluation certificate with the value stated in the bank report with the sum of transfers and payments.
  • Nominating the company's legal advisor to carry out follow-up actions until citizenship is obtained within approximately three months.
  • Follow-up of the benefit of the member from the real estate of either the rental or resale after the legal period.

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