Motaman Project 4 Başakşehir


₺6,000 / meter


Actual cost after raising the level of the compound and adding the following features:
  1. Add a garage floor of 2000 meters, as the first design included only one garage of 900 meters, with the garden canceled and converted into a parking space. But we now have two garage floors for all apartments, and the garden is kept 1500 square meters
  2. The four interfaces were redesigned with the addition of the highest level of GRC
  3. A 5-star hotel entrance has been added, with the entrance expanding to approximately 120 and equipped with a luxurious counter, luxurious salons, and TV screens
  4. A ground floor apartment has been converted into a games hall for young people and children
  5. Ground floor mosque is designed for 60 people
  6. The pool, gym, and Turkish bath are designed to the highest standard.
At this level, the value of a meter is expected to rise at the time of delivery or resale to at least 11000₺.
While the actual cost is 6000₺

Property Details

  • Floors:

  • Apt:

  • Elevators:

  • Finishing:

  • Project Start:

  • Delivery:

  • Implementation Period:

  • 12

  • 58

  • 2

  • Luxury

  • Sep. 13, 2019

  • Dec. 13, 2020

  • 15 Months

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Motaman şehir


Motaman şehir


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