It is a Turkish association specialized in economic planning.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, it includes in its membership various nationalities of Turks, Arabs and others.

Association's vision: Pioneering the role of civil society in developing the Turkish economy, economic scientific research and community service at the local and international levels

The mission of the association: Achieving assistance to the Turkish economy, businessmen and researchers, through advisory support, practical suggestions, and high-quality scientific programs in addition to effective partnerships locally and internationally to enhance the production and dissemination of economic knowledge.

The organization's goals:

  • Helping to form the comprehensive economic vision of the country.
  • Supporting the Turkish economy by all possible means.
  • Rehabilitation and training of businessmen, researchers, students and youth on economic work.
  • Supporting means of cooperation with Turkish society institutions interested in economic affairs.
  • Providing motivation and mobilization for individual and collective economic work.


Association values:

  • Commitment to keep abreast of the latest economic thought data.
  • Motivating private projects: pushing for economic work and providing a supportive environment for that.
  • We are committed to working on economic convergence between Islamic countries, in thought and practice.
  • Effective Communication: We are committed to activating the various policies and channels of communication with the Turkish government, Turkish businessmen and others, researchers, students, and Turkish society.


The most important works and activities of a trustworthy association during the foundation period

  • Participate in the Islamic Summit in Malaysia December 18-21, 2019 and present a speech on the role of the joint investment map between Islamic countries.
  • Participate in the "Islamic Financial Markets" conference in Istanbul 8-10 2019 with members of the association and submit a research on the role of financial markets in the state's investment map.
  • Participate in the 23rd annual international conference of the International Business Forum IBF in Sarajevo, 16-20 October 2019, with members, present a working paper and discuss ways to invest in Bosnia.
  • An acquaintance celebration with the Lebanese community on February 22, 2020 at Ottoman Hotel, in the presence of 50 community members and a discussion of ways of cooperation


Honor head of the association: Dr. Irfan Gunduz, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ibn Haldon University

Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Ahmed Matar: Chairman of the Board
  • Amr Azzam: Vice-President of the Association
  • Mr. Mohammed Al-Akradi: Secretary General
  • Majdi Farouq: Treasurer
  • Mr. Mohamed Allam: Member of the Board of Directors


Number of members: 73 members

Association headquarters:
Yeşil Vadi Cd. No: 5 Metro Rezidans B Blok K: 5 D: 9 Başakşehir/İstanbul

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