The Owners Union, managed by a real estate development company, is an innovation that surpasses all previous experiences

Motaman Company is performing 43 essential tasks other than subsidiaries. Which:

  • Idea Owner and Project Builder: General Concept
  • Market survey and land screening
  • Communicating with real estate brokers and searching for lands
  • Choose the best land according to criteria
  • Check the correct pric
  • Legal Safety Examination
  • Negotiating with the landowner
  • Drafting the land purchase contract
  • Contacting the municipality or the Real Estate Registration Department to ensure the integrity of the land
  • Inquiring about the owner of the land
  • Payment of deposit and signature of the land contract
  • Providing the necessary financing to purchase the land and pay the land value
  • Issuing a Tapu
  • Developing architectural and structural designs
  • Obtaining the building permit
  • Obtaining a drilling permit
  • Selecting and appointing 4 consultants and hiring them:
    • Engineering consultant for control and drafting technical contracts in Turkish translation
    • A financial and tax consultant to set tax exemptions, a legal consultant to negotiate and draft contracts, and set the necessary legal procedures with the relevant government agencies
    • Consultant for government relations to solve problems and provide experiences
  • Tender between construction companies
  • Choose the best companies
  • Negotiation and contracting
  • Make an advance payment to start implementation
  • Providing the necessary financing for construction
  • Follow up the construction implementation in terms of quality, cost and schedule
  • Set up execution accounts
  • Inviting the right personalities to join the Angel Federation
  • Develop a financial study with costs
  • Conducting a study of the forms of membership benefit
  • List the cost of each unit
  • Opening a joint bank account for the federation
  • Drafting contracts for membership of the Union
  • Receive financial payments and convert them into Turkish liras
  • Follow up on the transfer of ownership from the Turkish landowner to the members of the Federation
  • Make proxies from members
  • Follow-up of the Land Registry Administration to verify the ownership of each member twice: first on the ground and then after handing over each apartment separately
  • Seek to complete the total number of buildings in order to provide land value and implementation
  • Solve the problem of financing gaps
  • The introduction of utilities, water, custom, electricity and gas
  • Overseeing handing over units to members and fulfilling special demands
  • Establishing management and maintenance policies for the security, cleanliness and services of facilities
  • Establish a rental and resale policy
  • Acting with members of the Union who are defaulting on payment
  • Follow-up procedures to obtain Turkish citizenship
  • Representing the Federation members in front of all official and municipal authorities

Therefore, the founder of the Union must have sufficient and distinguished experiences in the areas of real estate development and real estate investment.

It must also be characterized by honesty and be keen on ensuring member funds using expertise and relationships to reach the lowest costs for the highest levels in both land and implementation.

As the founder of the federation bears the risk in all stages, therefore, he deserves the adequate return for work and for the guarantee to work as a real estate developer, developer with all the meanings of the word and the suffering and the guarantee bearing two types of risks:

Money guarantees and the guarantees that the work will be done in high quality, at the stated time, and at the same pre-determined costs. In spite of this, a trust company waives the profits of real estate development, and only 10% is satisfied with a nominal percentage management fee that is inconsistent with the aforementioned 43 businesses.

We adopt a message where we assign the profit to the members of the Union and consider them investors and we are agents for them in the investment without pay and we give up the profit to them in full.

It is not a sale at all, or a commercial or investment process, but the member of the union is the investor and he is the one to whom the profit is transferred in full and he is the beneficiary of this project.

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