About Motaman Real Estate Development Company

Motaman is a Turkish company specialized in real estate development, established on June 25, 2017 based in Istanbul, and it is based on 35 years’ experience in the real estate and construction sector.

A partnership between Eng. Amr Azzam and Dr. Ahmed Matar, it is registered in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Turkish Businessmen Association Musiad and also a founding member The Motaman Economic Planning Association has very strong relationships in the business community and the governmental community, both in Turkey and abroad.

Company vision and goals

  • Providing a success experience for Egyptians and Arabs in Turkey
  • Provide a distinct and positive image for the Arab to Turkish society
  • Providing a service to the Union members wishing to live and invest in Turkey
  • Provide a model for the success of cooperation and partnership between company members
  • Integration into Turkish society, interaction and mutual influence
  • Support the Turkish economy
  • Providing job opportunities, training and qualifying youth
  • Create housing complexes for all Arab communities to integrate with the Turkish population

Why Choose Us?

Finest Quality

The finest level in the installed system contains all the distinguished services.

Great Value

Implementation at the actual cost of the real union system with declared accounts and at least 30% less than the price of similar units, and a 70% increase in price when selling 2021.

Flexibility for Union Members

The union member can leaves at any time and fully refunds his payments without discounts and also has the right to move from one apartment to another or to a commercial store, or vice versa, or move from one project to another.

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